Infertility treatment

Women get very disappointed and upset when they cannot get pregnant and have a baby when the time is right. It happens too often nowadays, but it’s not a desperate situation. It’s time to go to the doctor for a comprehensive examination to find out what’s going on with your body.

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In many cases, doctors diagnose problems with ovulation and prescribe medicine to stimulate it. All ovulation stimulants work in the same way: they regulate the cycle to encourage ovulation by forming more and better follicles that later mature into one or several eggs.

Even though the infertility treatment can be expensive, Clomid (Clomifene) is one of the most affordable drugs to stimulate ovulation. It is prescribed in case of a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries, absent or irregular ovulation, as well as a part of a pre-IVF protocol, and in a case of unexplained causes of infertility.

The medicine works by increasing the production of hormones responsible for stimulating ovarian function and releasing the egg. As a result of treatment with Clomid, several eggs can mature at the same time, increasing the chances of pregnancy.
It is recommended to consult a doctor and to find out the underlying causes of inability to get pregnant. After a thorough examination and lab tests, a doctor may recommend treatment and prescribe Clomid to restore and stimulate ovulation. It is highly recommended to do the sperm analysis for your man to make sure it’s good.

The next important thing is to find a doctor who you trust to supervise the stimulation treatment with regular and ultrasound monitoring. Ovulation stimulation has some serious risk to female health and negligence can cause health problems and even create a life-threating situation.

As a rule, treatment with Clomid can start on the third or fifth day of menstruation and lasts for several days. Ovulation takes place within five to nine days after the last pill. The average duration of the therapy is five days. Sometimes, a woman needs several treatments (1 or 2 cycles) to restore regular ovulation, but in some cases, a longer treatment (from 3 to 6 cycles) is required to achieve the desired result. Only a few doctors advise extended treatment (12 cycles ) with Clomid during a year with some intervals.

Remember that only a doctor can prescribe a dosage and duration of the treatment. He has to monitor and supervise a stimulation program with ultrasound exams to follow the stages of the cycle. The first ultrasound is usually performed one week after the beginning of stimulation. Then ultrasound is performed every two or three days, until the follicles grow to the desired size of about 20-25 mm.

Don’t take Clomid without doctor’s prescription! Don’t change the prescribed dosage! Firstly, the doctor can calculate the right dose depending on what results need to be achieved: ovulation stimulation or suppression. Secondly, overstimulation creates a risk of cysts formation, and in such case, the desired pregnancy will have to be postponed indefinitely.

Doctors don’t recommend more than six courses of ovarian stimulation in your life. It is a serious procedure, and the consequences of unskilled or amateur approach can be terrible. Always consult a doctor first and don’t start taking Clomid without prescription since you can seriously damage your health forever.


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Me and my husband wanted a baby so much but could not get pregnant. I went to see a doctor, and he told me that I had cycles, but I had not had ovulation. I didn’t believe him and even thought to change a doctor but decided to try. He prescribed Clomid. When I read instruction, I found out that it could be used only 5-6 times in life. I figured out that it was a potent stimulant and decided to go ahead. It took me two treatments, and I got pregnant within five or six months after I started stimulation program under doctor’s supervision. At first, the dosage was too high and didn’t work, so the doctor lowered the dosage and, finally, it happened. I got naturally pregnant and had a second baby. We are thrilled to have two children now after thinking that one child was our limit.